Jeff comes to the Santa community with as many diverse skills as the North Pole has snowflakes.  After graduating from High School, Jeff applied to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College.  That particular year over 6,300 people applied to Clown College and Jeff was one of 60 students to be accepted into this one-of-a-kind College.  

After touring with the show, Jeff returned to his childhood town of Appleton, Wisconsin to attend regular college, at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  During his Junior year, Jeff accepted a job opportunity to perform as a nationally recognized fast-food spokesperson for Arizona and southern California, which he accepted and finished his degree program between UW Oshkosh and Arizona State, in television film production.  During this time, Jeff also becomes a highly sought-after standup comedian performing comedy magic in clubs and for corporate events. 

After 5 years in Arizona, Jeff once again returned to Appleton, with his wife Debbie, to return to college and earn his master’s degree in Speech Communication and Theater. A few weeks after graduating, Jeff accepted a staff position with Ringling Brothers Clown College and was one of five American Clowns to start the Ringling Brothers Clown College – Japan, in Tokyo.  A unique experience that Jeff still holds dear to his heart. Jeff’s primary responsibility to Clown College Japan, was character development, movement, and magic. 

During this time, opportunities to portray Santa would arise from time to time and Jeff would slip into a red suit and pretend to be Santa. Pretend is the correct term. This all changed when Jeff was invited to present his seminar on how to “Effectively Communicating to Young People” at an International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa Convention. This proved to be a career changing event. For the first time, Jeff was introduced to the professional Santa world. He loved it and it loved him. Since then, he has been the featured presenter at numerous national and international Santa conferences and events…sharing his vast experiences of performing with Santa and Mrs. Claus’s.

Now, as the visionary of Kringle U, Jeff is looking forward to what he believes God put him here to do in the first place… teach others how to impact lives in a positive way through smiles, love, and acceptance through the character of Santa Claus!

Now in his 27th year of performing, Lee educates and entertains at schools, libraries, festivals, fairs, birthday parties, churches, and corporate events nearly 300 times each year! When Lee created his clown character, Lew-E, at the age of two, he had no idea that it would turn into his career. Lee has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world creating thousands of smiles for families of All Ages!

After 4,000 performances, Lee is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the Southeast. Lee has a genuine love and dedication for performing and people in general. Lee takes that same love and commitment and applies it to each event that he works on! Lee and his wife reside in Georgia with their six year old son, Ashton Michael Andrews, and two year old daughter, McKenzie Rae Andrews.

Lee treasures the opportunity to portray Santa to thousands of children and their families in South Florida each November and December! Santa Claus is a very important role to Lee, and he insures that each child receives the Santa experience they deserve!