Santa Gordon Bailey

From 1955 to 2023, Santa Gordon Bailey lived an extraordinary life, leaving an everlasting impact on our community. 

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Santa Gordon Bailey, born on March 10th, 1955, has had a diverse career path that includes retail and management positions. However, his passion for portraying various characters, including Santa Claus, began in second grade. Over the years, he has also played roles such as Magician, Wizard, Clown, Ogre, Tooth Fairy, balloon twister, and face and body painter.

Bailey's extensive experience and expertise in the Santa Claus industry led him to create the Santa and the Business of Being Santa School. This innovative school features a team of franchised, trained lecturers who work from three comprehensive workbooks covering performance and management skills for Christmas performers.

In addition to his work with the Santa school, Bailey has lectured at numerous Santa gatherings, including the International University of Santa Claus, Discover Santa, and the annual FORBS luncheons. He is a popular choice for large civic events, stores, and private venues, where he often poses with people's beloved pets as a "pet friendly" Santa.

Bailey was an active member of various professional Santa Claus organizations, including AORBS, FORBS, and IBRBS. He was also a member of the Magic Castle #9002 and has contributed as a writer to the Magic Castle Library in Los Angeles.

In recognition of his significant contributions to the profession of portraying Santa Claus and his strong commitment to serving his community, Gordon Bailey was inducted into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame in 2019. This prestigious honor further solidifies his legacy as a beloved and respected figure in the world of Santa Claus performers.