Ortonville Mrs Claus 

Cathy Kage

Cathy truly encapsulated the heart of Christmas, Always welcoming you with a hug and a smile.

Ohio Santas Member 093

In loving memory of Cathy Kage, our dear friend and cherished Mrs. Claus, who departed from us today. 

With an infectious smile that lit up the room and a jolly laugh that warmed our hearts, Cathy brought boundless joy to our lives. 

I remember the first time I saw her maneuvering that giant truck and pulling the behemoth 5th wheel behind it at the campground. I couldn't help but marvel at her strength and determination. Cathy defied expectations at every turn, proving time and again that there was nothing she couldn't conquer. 

From dancing to baking to navigating larger-than-life trucks, Cathy approached every challenge with grace and tenacity. Her spirit knew no bounds, and her zest for life was contagious. 

In Cathy's world, there were no strangers—only friends waiting to be made. She had a remarkable gift for welcoming everyone with open arms, making each person feel special and cherished. Her unwavering positivity and boundless support uplifted us all and made us feel like we truly belonged. 

Though she may have embarked on her final sleigh ride, Cathy's spirit will forever live on in our hearts. May we honor her memory by carrying forward her legacy of kindness, warmth, and inclusivity. Rest in peace, dear Cathy, our beloved Mrs. Claus.